AMP Stories And AMP In Email – The Biggest Challenges By Google!

  • April 16, 2018
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We all know what AMP is. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages that are simpler versions of longer heavier pages that can help render mobile pages faster. However, this AMP format was earlier limited only to posts, news, recipes, and how-to content. But with time, Google has been expanding its reach further. Two of the most notable domains have been search stories and emails.

AMP Stories in SERPs

AMP Stories have been brought about in Google SERPs to change the way information and news is delivered. AMP has made it more interesting and fast. As per Google, AMP Stories are visually rick ways of storytelling, specifically designed for mobile. This gives content publishers an opportunity to present their content in a very mobile-friendly format with rich visuals. This means that AMP Stories involve visually-rich interactive content, while being mobile-friendly, meaning to be “bite-sized”. Moreover, they are search-focused, and the content is pre-cached and pre-loaded. However, this format is still only at a developer-level, and not many brands and businesses have adopted this technology, or experimented with it. But, some of the big names who have done so include CNN, The Washington Post, Mashable, Mic, Vox Media, and Conde Nast.

AMP in emails

Google has introduced AMP into its Gmail arena too. This new launch enables constant updating of content by embedding widgets, while allowing users to browse and click any event from their email without visiting another website. This helps in gaining interest of the users, while increasing interactivity and engagement. However, just like AMP stories for SERPs, AMP in email is also available only to developers for the time being. Thus, Web developers have a preview on AMP for email, and are experimenting with it. Some of the big names that have taken up the opportunity to integrate Gmail with AMP include Pinterest,, and Doodle. AMP in email is definitely going to affect email marketing; and is soon going to be available for all users by the end of 2018.

How have AMP Stories and AMP in email proven to be a challenge?

Both AMP Stories and AMP in email have proven to be a challenge for other platforms. AMP Stories combine text with images, graphics, and videos, just like is the case with Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat was the inventor of the concept of Stories, who was followed by Facebook and Instagram later. However, these two platforms could not pose a threat to Snapchat. But, with the introduction of AMP Stories in Google SERPs, it has proven to be challenge for Snapchat! This is because Google is no social media platform, but is in fact, the search engine giant! Google has an extensive reach, which Snapchat just can’t compete with. Moreover, Snapchat Stories have a shelf life of only 24 hours, after which the stories disappear; which is not the case with AMP Stories. Thus, to stay in form, Snapchat will have to extend the life of its stories, or else, it will have to face a real challenge against Google.

Now speaking about AMP in email, users can browse other website content from their own Gmail. With this, one of the most popular Microsoft product used by professionals across the globe for emails – Microsoft Outlook – will also have to follow suit. This is because with AMP in email, Google has made it easy for information in email messages to be dynamic, updated, and actionable. This will make Gmail a modernized version of email, and a reliable source of information. And, if other email providers don’t want to lose out in the long run, they will definitely have to integrate AMP on their platforms in the near future too.

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