What Businesses Should And Shouldn’t Do On Social Media?

  • August 9, 2018
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Social media is one of the most important tools for every business today to promote their brand, gain attention, and accomplish sales targets. How? Because social media platforms are crowded with people all throughout the day, where people chat, connect, and also discuss about their likes and dislikes. This is a place where you brand can see immense success or failure with people either liking and sharing your products, or reporting them. Thus, maintaining a social media profile and presence can prove to be a boon if done in the right manner. Get in touch with an internet marketing company in Bangalore and see how they can help your business reach and stay on top.

What you should do on social media

  • First and foremost, make sure to have a complete social profile with all your details. If you are just putting up an image, a logo, a title and a few points about your company, that doesn’t make it complete. You need to enter all possible information to strike a good first impression. After all, your social media profile is the interface between your company and audience. Your social media profile should speak volumes about you!
  • Next, you need to post. But, you need to know what you must post. Your post must be eye-catchy and connecting to the audience. It must have simple language and perfect grammar. Furthermore, it must be short to gain higher engagement. Every social media platform has different parameters; so you must know yours. For example, Twitter posts must be lesser than 100 characters, Instagram captions must be lesser than 150 characters, and LinkedIn updates must be lesser than 100 characters.
  • You need to post, but do you know when you should post? Do you know the best timings that you must post at? Do you know the frequency your posts must have? Each social media platform has its own different peak timings. Do a proper research on the social media platform you are targeting. Also, you need to know how often you must be posting. It could be everyday, or once in a week/fortnight – it depends upon what you are selling. Along with this, you can also make use of visuals. Images, videos, and infographics are the best ways to gain attention.
  • Social media is all about interaction. You need to keep an eye on what is happening on your posts, and stay active. Comment on any comments you receive on your posts. Reply to them, no matter what they say, if it is a negative comment, be polite and solve the issue they are complaining about, and then let them know when the issue is resolved. This will help them look at you as having concern for their feelings, which will bring out a positive attribute about your brand.

While all of the above states what you should do on social media, here are a few things you must NOT do at any cost!

  • Never over share your posts.
  • Never appear spammy.
  • Never ask your audience to like, retweet, follow, or repin your posts.
  • Never try to be present on all social media channels.

So now you know what you should and shouldn’t do on social media. Follow them and keep your social media strategies fresh and effective to stay in the flow. And, if you don’t know how you should go about it, an internet marketing company in Bangalore is always there to help you.

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