What Is The Buy Local Phenomenon?

  • July 19, 2018
  • SEO


The way you communicate with your business clients is what drives them towards or away from you. There must be a perfect balance and mergence of online goals and offline realities. Remember that a single independent business lacks the resources and power of determining local decisions and policies that affect it. But, when in unison with other businesses, all of them can have a stronger voice. Thus, there is a Buy Local program that formalizes the process of independently-owned businesses joining together to educate their communities about the considerable benefits to everyone living in the local economy. These campaigns have certain specific goals like to build community, improve diversity, support entrepreneurship, increase local wealth, decrease environmental impacts, and compete with big businesses. So, if maintained well, such programs can bring innumerous benefits to both businesses and clients.

However, in spite of these amazing benefits, such campaigns can also fail in case of poor execution. Thus, there are certain practices one must focus upon to avoid the most common pitfalls, which include –

  • A local business in such a campaign means an independently-owned-and-run business; and not a big chain business.
  • All forms of local investments including small banks and service area businesses must be emphasized upon.
  • There must be diversity in leadership, reflecting upon all kinds of resources of age, gender, economics, political views, and other factors.
  • Inventory and offerings must be differentiated so that independently-owned businesses offer added value that cannot be replicated.
  • Not every city or town hosts the necessary mix of independent businesses; thus, community resources must be clearly assessed.

Thus, success significantly depends upon having clear goals and diverse participants.

Now, if businesses are participating in a Buy Local program, what is to be done next?

Hyper-localized content

Content should be built around the company’s involvement in the Buy Local program. There must be a mention about the environmental, economic, and societal benefits that are supported. There must be a personal touch too to build better relationships.

Link building opportunities

Local business alliances form strong business-to-business bonds. Relationships should be built with those related businesses that can sprout links. Local organizations, events, workshops, and conferences must be sponsored and participated in. Also, being newsworthy is very important.

Basic data distribution and consistency

Small local businesses may be unaware of inconsistent or absent local business listings. So, the company name and zip must be plugged into the check listing tool to show them how they are doing on the majors. Any blanks must be filled, and any data errors must be corrected. The client must also have a presence on a geo-specific or industry-specific directory and platform.

Strong business-to-community bonds are also required. Customers must be asked for reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth marketing. But, whatever it is, local SEOs, like Bangalore SEO Services, definitely have an important role to play. Every year, local SEOs are delving deeper into the offline realities of brands. So, whenever you require such SEO services, remember, it’s Bangalore SEO Services for you!

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