What Can Be Learnt From Facebook’s Latest Catastrophe?

  • May 8, 2018
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One of the biggest names in invention of the modern social networking, Mark Zuckerberg, changed the world with his genius invention of Facebook! But, little did he know that it would turn out to be a nightmare for him years later. We all know what has been happening with Facebook’s privacy and Mark’s idealistic visions since the past few months. He definitely apologized for what has happened on his platform, but he never stopped trying. While all his users, advertisers, and investors thought that it’s now time to hold back upon this most popular communications channel, Mark never gave up. And, it is his passion, hard work, trust, and commitment that resulted in Facebook not only avoiding any negative repercussions, but in fact growing tremendously!

So, what does this mean? It clearly shows that no matter what, Facebook will survive anything! With more than 2 billion users already on the platform, the user base is only increasing after the “scandal”. People are still browsing, viewing pictures, viewing videos, reading news, and doing all sorts of activities on the platform. This whole scenario has a lot for every digital marketing company in Bangalore to take away.

Target accurately and message appropriately

We see how top brands across the globe are still advertising on the platform. There are brands and users who are completely loyal to Facebook and don’t want to go anywhere yet. After the entire catastrophe, Facebook released quarterly financial data, and the results haven’t shown any sign of advertisers or users abandoning the platform. In fact, it has only seen an increase of 50% in ad revenue for the first quarter of 2018! So, as long as the messaging is relevant and targeting is accurate, the data only positively reinforces the validity of advertising to more than 2 billion users.

Provide users with convenience and time-saving options

One point that has come up along with this devastation is that users are so lazy to enter their information repeatedly over the Internet that they don’t mind giving up their privacy! Just for the sake of convenience of saving time and efforts of typing in personal information, users simply click the “Sign up with Facebook” button, without considering what the consequences may be. They also forget to read the fine print that states what information they would be giving up by signing up with the Facebook button. This clearly shows that one can make their customers happy by providing them convenience and ease, and the option to save a few bucks.

Apologize only when absolutely necessary

It’s never wrong to apologize when you do something wrong, but not at the cost of doing damage to your business. Although Mark did issue an apology for Facebook’s upheaval, but he didn’t so for admitting that Facebook had a hand in the entire issue; he apologized for what another company did on his platform. One “sorry” from your part means the entire media, competitors, and customers will all be over it! So, avoid the sorry words in your business, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Along with the three points mentioned above, one other thing that can be learnt is that social media is definitely not going anywhere. So, whatever it is, worry not! And, when times get tough, just keep going and watch out for the silver lining that outlines the dark clouds.

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