How To Craft The Best Product Launch?

  • April 30, 2018
  • SEO

If you are into launching a new product or feature, you will be doing lots of things around SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more, only to make sure that you have an exceptional product launch so that your product can get the best chance at success. However, for this to work, there is a lot that you need to consider and take care of. Various elements like influencers, audience members, right metrics, and more need to be in place to pull off a flawless marketing launch.

A defined audience

You need a set of defined and decided upon target audience set, which involves the particular characteristics of people you want to aim for. It could be demographics, psychographics, job type, age, or anything else. But, this is not all. Apart from this, you also need to have a set of real people, at least 10-15 of them. These could be real current customers, past customers who are likely to buy from you again in the future, or customers who have been lost and you want to regain. The benefit with this is that you can talk to, ask questions to, show the products, email to, and get real feedback from these real people.


Just like real audience, you should also have a list of a few influential people, somewhere at least around 25-50, along with their contact information, and an outreach plan. This outreach plan should include why every target is going to consider the problem and the solution, and why they would be willing to share. Without the answers to these questions, your product launch will be likely to fail. Even if you know that 20-25 influential people are going to amplify, or care for it, you can be sure of some success. Now here, influencers don’t only mean influential people. They also include influential media and publications. These must be those that are read or viewed by many of your target audience members. The list could include magazines, TV shows, radios, podcasts, events, email newsletters, or YouTube.

Promotional schedule

A promotional schedule will help you know what you are doing and the order in which you are working. This could include all that you do before the launch like sharing with influencers, defining an audience, etc. so that you are sure of the order in which the launch is to roll out. Any negative comments from the audience or influencers will indicate beforehand that you need to rename or rebrand before rolling it out; thus helping you avoid errors and wastage.

Frequently asked questions

It is likely that your target audience and influencers will ask you a bunch of questions about using the product, benefits of the product, etc. This will help you take up all sorts of questions, for which you can frame the answers for customer service. You can publish these questions and answers online for reference in case anyone has any doubts related to your product.

Reference content

Just like FAQs, you must also have photos, screenshots, screencasts, demos, and videos of people using your product. With all of this content for press or influencer use, you will have better control over these assets, and you can also control where the links and citations points, especially from the SEO perspective.

Paid promotion

Out of all that you have, there would be a certain amount of promotion that would be paid. It could be PPC, social advertising, Web advertising, broadcast advertising, remarketing, and retargeting. Then, there should be Key Performance Indicators that can tell you whether you are going to grow or reduce the spend. You must know your maximum cuts and maximum spends. The way your promotion works, the better you know which way to go.

These are just some of the most important metrics to be considered and worked upon. For many other such helpful tactics, you must hire a professional digital marketing company in Bangalore to help who know all the ins and outs of the SEO business well.

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