Should You Focus On SEO Or SMO?

  • December 7, 2017
  • SEO

Internet marketing is all about getting people to know you by getting you visible online by using certain strategies. This can be done in two ways – by getting you visible on search engines (Search Engine Optimization), and by getting you visible on social media or other social associations (Social Media Optimization). With SEO, you can enhance your internet search engine rankings, and with SMO, you can reach all sorts of social media platforms, blogs, forums, and anywhere else that your company is associated with socially.

SEO can be broken down into on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization describes elements that comprise an internet page, while off-page optimization describes backlinks. But, in the case of SMO, getting huge number of links aimed at your website scattered across social systems isn’t optimization. However, for both SEO and SMO, it is not right to get in touch with others with the sole purpose of gaining links only. Instead, you need to genuinely engage with relevant websites and social audiences. If SEO is what you are looking for, a professional SEO company in Bangalore can help you gain such relevant links; and if SMO is what you want to focus upon, a social media marketing company in Bangalore is who you need.

SEO aims to get a website at the top of SERPs using organic methods like keyword optimization, while the purpose of SMO is to share content on social media platforms to create awareness about the brand and business. However, it doesn’t matter whether the source is search engine or social media platforms, more the traffic a website gets, the higher its ranking will be. So, you must aim at getting traffic, whether you adopt SEO or SMO. Also, note that search engines take social media platforms into consideration while ranking a website for SEO. This means that you must have a high social activity and followers so that search engines consider your brand as relevant.

Now, let us compare SEO and SMO in certain important aspects.

  • Titles – The page title carries a lot of weight in the case of SEO as it tells search engines what the page is about; and in SMO titles are important but for users to grab their attention.
  • Content – Just like titles, even quality content is important for both SEO and SMO, with the difference that in SEO, it is important to rank well, and in SMO, it is important to grab user attention.
  • On-page elements – Title tags, headers, keywords, and all other on-page elements influence SEO, but for SMO, only visual elements create an impact.
  • Link building – Inbound links are a large determining factor for SEO; and SEO also benefits from SMO because links are a result of social media success.
  • Analysis – Analysis is important for both SEO and SMO. In SEO, analysis helps to know which changes have made an impact on the site’s ranking. And, in SMO, analysis helps to know which type of content drives interest.

Definitely, SMO offers the opportunity to contact users on a personal level and get more business, but it is equally important to gain visibility in search engines through effective SEO. This means that both SEO and SMO are important to attract traffic, increase ranking, and boost website success. Therefore, a blend of both SEO and SMO is required to make a website and business successful.

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