Google Has Started Removing Organic Search Traffic!

  • July 5, 2018
  • SEO


Up till now, we all were highly relying on Google for SEO, and always have been focusing our efforts to attract organic traffic. But, the decisions made lately by the search engine giant have made SEO more difficult than ever before! One such decision from Google was to take away organic opportunities.

Ever since the past 19-20 years, Google has been seasonally adjusting searches every month, while sending more organic traffic as compared to the earlier month. Thus, there has always been more opportunity for businesses in Google search. But now, Google is making it very difficult for SEOs. There are things that the search engine giant has done recently, which have been highly affecting brands and businesses. Some of the actions taken include –

  • Google provides aggressive answer boxes – When a searcher types in a question, Google provides all the relevant answers, and a featured snippet that can earn a click-through. But, along with that, it now also provides an answer box that truly answers the question, coming directly from Google itself!
  • Google is moving into all forms of commercial spaces. May it be hotel searches, flight searches, or anything else, Google is bringing accurate answers for all of them. Thus, the opportunity in every commercial space is much lesser than it was previously.
  • Google has come up with a seasonally adjusted drop in total organic clicks sent. This is certainly concerning as there are now very few clicks sent as compared to the number of clicks sent previously.

So, what do we do now?

With all of these terrifying changes, you may wonder how you can continue to compete and provide value to your clients. Here are three solutions that may help. Or, you can simply hire a professional SEO company in Bangalore to assist you.

  • Generate demand for your brand

First and foremost, stop targeting unbranded terms. Up till now, we were only focusing on serving the demand, but now we need to generate the demand. Here is an example to help you understand. Consider that there is demand for South Indian cuisine. When typed into Google, it will come up with a list of results of restaurants offering South Indian cuisine. You may or may not rank for this particular term. But, instead, if you target for your particular brand, say for example, “XYZ South Indian Restaurant”, you can definitely rank for that. Google is not taking away the ability to rank for your own brand name. Thus, if you generate more demand for your XYZ brand, and target your brand name, you can earn good amount of organic search. And, you can the same with your social media marketing and email marketing.

2) Optimize for additional platforms.

We know how YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms are leading in their own fields, just like Google is for search. So, why not optimize across all these additional platforms too? With all these platforms being targeted, you can get a significant amount of additional traffic to optimize for. Google has taken away the “view image directly” link so that people visit websites via Google Images. YouTube is a great place to build brand affinity and generate awareness, while creating demand and getting your content in front of people. So, work on targeting these two platforms, followed by other social media platforms that you can put your content forward on.

3) Focus on remarketing and voice search

Other techniques include remarketing, and targeting voice search. Using remarketed lists for search advertising if you have customer targets is a great way to optimize. Also, voice searches can be curated and crafted through featured snippets, card lists, and answer boxes. This will at least help influence, if not control, what Google is showing in those places.

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