Why Should You Incorporate Both Social Media And SEO For Promotion?

  • November 30, 2017
  • SEO

Social media is where you can find almost every internet user, which makes it one of the most important channels that businesses can use to promote their products/services by getting assistance from a professional social media agency in Bangalore. Many different kinds of businesses, especially eCommerce, are significantly using social media channels to promote their products. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. It is not just about getting there and putting up some ads to reach the target audience. It is a complicated process where you will have to put in efforts just like an SEO company in Bangalore does for SEO.

In fact, SEO and social media are correlated. Social media provides awareness to help you get backlinks, traffic, and engagement, which ultimately helps you rank higher on SERPs. This makes using both SEO and social media important, when promoting products/services with an audience. Though, you need to remember that people aren’t going to remember you or your products after only one time of seeing your ad. Neither will they buy from you after the first visit to your site. So then, how can you make this work?

First of all, you need to understand that no visitor will spend more than a few seconds to view your ad on social media. This means that you need to show what you want them to see in only a few seconds; and to have them feel impressed, you need to present your products in an extraordinary way. To add to this, as mentioned above, nobody is going to remember you, or at least buy from you, only on the first visit to your ad. So, to make a purchase happen, you need to target your ad to every targeted individual at least a few times. Here, few means somewhere around 4-5 times, and nothing more. Anything more means you are probably going to annoy your viewers with repetitive ads.

After viewing your ads multiple times, some visitors may buy from you, while others may not be intended on buying from you just yet. However, they may do so in the future, and your business needs to be ready for it. Also, note that viewers who have seen your ad earlier and want to buy your product now, may or may not visit your particular website to shop. They are instead likely to type the product name directly into Google, which will then show them various other places to buy the same products, because those websites rank higher. This may have you losing out on a good proportion of potential customers only because you are not visible at the top. This is why, while planning a product promotion, you must take into account every channel through which users can shop from you. This can be done by using effective landing pages, being on top through organic search, opting for paid search, or retargeting via social media. Also remember that apart from your own product, try providing information about other related products and services to impress your visitors, and turn them into consumers.

In short, you must not focus on SEO or social media alone; both these platforms are important. Moreover, you must opt for multi-channel marketing too, and do retargeting campaigns.

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