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  • April 19, 2018
  • SEO


Whether big or small, it has become vital for every business to have a website to reach a wider audience, amidst the tough competition around. And, with every business realizing the importance of having a website, and creating a website too, it has become a challenge for brands to rank over their competitors and reach the first page of SERPs. After all, every business wants to be visible at the top to boost the company’s exposure, bring in traffic, and augment conversions. And, if you are here on this page, you are probably facing one of the biggest challenges that many other brands are facing too – Not being able to rank well. Your website must be struggling to reach the top position; and there could be various reasons behind this situation.

Your website is beautiful, but not clear

Your website has all the elements it needs, and is the most beautiful project you may have ever seen, but it is of no use if there are a few unwanted elements in it. These could be duplicate content, stale content, confusing navigation, incomplete meta tags, incomplete schema markup, or no fresh blogs.

You haven’t used the right keywords

Choosing the right keywords to target is of utmost importance. Implementing the right keyword strategy into your content and marketing can boost traffic on yoru site by up to 200%! However, choosing the right keywords doesn’t mean what seems to be right for you, but what seems to be right for your target audience and the search engine. What you think is not necessarily what Google thinks. Or, the words you choose are not the same as what your searchers may type. So, you need to understand the search engine and your target audience, and their mindsets well first.

You have link issues

Links are great, but irrelevant links are not. You need to have lots of links, but links from relevant and authoritative websites. Buying links and link scheming are a big NO! You need to find ways to naturally increase the good links on your website, and avoid the wrong ones.

You haven’t waited enough

Patience is of utmost importance when you have developed a website and are trying to market it digitally. Optimizing it is important, but you also need to remember that SEO is not an overnight process. You need to give it enough time for the results to show up. Moreover, SEO strategies are constantly changing. You need to adapt to these changes at the earliest and implement and execute those strategies for your website if you want to see the results. So first, it takes time for you to understand the latest tactics and implement the correct strategy. Then, it takes time for Google to realize that you have made the changes. And only after analyzing the changes can Google decide whether your website is relevant, appropriate, and value-rewarding or not. So, for all of this to work out in order, you need to be patient, and give your website at least four to six months before you expect even the slightest results.

You may be on a penalty

Google signs up websites for penalties if it sees any kind of wrong doings on the sites. And, a manual action penalty can entirely remove your website from Google’s search results. If you have been ranking well, and suddenly see a drop in rankings for your site, you could have been penalized. You can check for this issue on the Google Manual Actions report. If you have been penalized, it is certain that a reviewer has complained about your website violating Google’s guidelines. You could be penalized in case of a hacked site, thin content, usergenerated spam, unnatural links, spammy structured markup, spammy freehosts, keyword stuffing, etc. So, find out where the fault lies, and start correcting the issues right away.

There are many other elements like click-through rates, time on site, engagement on social media, and number of mentions that can help you rank. So, consider all of these and begin by making small and simple changes to your website. Or, you can hire a proficient digital marketing company in Bangalore to help.

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