What Kind Of SEO Maturity Does An Organization Have?

  • September 24, 2018
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When there is lack of SEO understanding, it can result in barriers and delays in work that one is trying to accomplish. While professional providers of SEO services in Bangalore already know their job, it is also essential that clients also know about SEO. And, when they have an understanding about SEO, it is necessary that both the SEO company and clients have a mutual understanding of the capabilities.

Barriers like limited technical resources, limited budgeting, low prioritization and buy-in for the work, and low advocacy are very commonly seen. This is why it is very important that there is a mutual understanding of the SEO maturities. This will help understand where the client stands, where they want to go, and the steps that are required to reach there.

  • If the client is engaging in outdated or spammy SEO practices, it is going to be really harmful.
  • If the client understands only basic SEO like title tags, meta tags, and Alt tags, it means there is nothing very strategic to brand goals.
  • If the client is strategic with the SEO practices and is becoming a little search savvy, there is good work being done, but nothing much advanced.
  • If the client is searching and moving to advance in the work, smarter ways are being implemented to drive the search strategy.
  • If search is a crucial part of the marketing DNA, the client is probably testing, improving, and innovating SEO implementation.

These are the five basic stages where a client can be in terms of SEO maturity. However, for better analysis, there is a lot that needs to be put in, and a lot of questions to be asked.

  • Is the organization using information and analytics? If yes, is it combining it with other sources to make smart marketing decisions?
  • Is the organization all tech savvy? Do they monitor and maintain their technical health?
  • Is the organization doing any SEO for content? If yes, is it only during or after publication, or is it being used to drive the editorial calendar along with other data inputs?
  • Is the organization limited or advanced in on-page and off-page SEO tactics?
  • Is the organization integrating across channels?
  • Is the organization adopting new technology?
  • Is the organization well aware of mobile SEO in terms of speed, usability, and content?

Then, there are many other elements that need to be considered, apart from the above mentioned considerations and questions. These include –

  • How knowledgeable is the organization about search? And, how committed is it to learn more?
  • Does the organization have the resources and capacities to get the work done?
  • Does the organization use a defined and continuously improving process for the inclusion of search?
  • Does the organization pre-plan with everything proactively included? And aligned with the brand goals?
  • Does the organization have the talent of scoping for content and development requirements?

By learning about all of that mentioned above, there will be a better understanding of SEO maturities on both sides of a project, which will then lead to a successful outcome. So, make sure to ponder over these considerations.

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