Outdated SEO Tactics That You Should Replace

  • September 14, 2018
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SEO is always changing, and we must stay in trend with these tactics if we want to succeed in the online game. There are many of us who are still holding onto lots of SEO tactics that were once popular and incredibly useful, but we fail to understand that they don’t work as effectively today. To help you identify them, you will need to hire experts who offer professional SEO services in Bangalore. However, for those of you who don’t want to, we have come up with this blog, where we show you five outdated SEO tactics that you must let go off now. Further, we also let you know which tactics to replace them with to achieve success in today’s online world.

Outdated tactic 1 – AdWords/Keyword Planner based keyword research

Although once popular, this method of keyword research doesn’t work today. This is because AdWords hides lots of keywords that it thinks aren’t commercially relevant. This results in inaccurate volume data. And, there are lots of other critical metrics like difficulty and click-through rate percentage that are lacking, which are in fact important for prioritizing keywords effectively.

Replacement – You can replace this tactic with clickstream data-driven tools that come with difficulty and click-through rate percentage. You must start with a broader set with tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Keyword Explorer, or Google Search Suggest.

Outdated tactic 2 – Prioritizing No. 1 rankings over other traffic-driving SEO techniques

Many of us are still hanging onto the importance of ranking at No. 1 position rather than other traffic-driving aspects. But, doing so proves to be a very poor ROI investment tactic today.

Replacement – Replace it with SERP feature SEO and long tail targeting instead. The featured snippet is also being used in voice search, and it doesn’t come from the No. 1 ranking result in SERPs. It can come from later numbers too. It can also be the result that brings back the featured snippet to the very top. This is because its click-through rate is higher than No. 1 too! Furthermore, long tail targeting involves going after keywords that are not as competitive, meaning lesser competition, thus making it easier to rank at the No. 1 position.

Outdated tactic 3 – Moving up the ranking ladder with only link building

When we are ranking lower on the first page, or even on page number 2, we start focusing on link building so that we can reach the top.

Replacement – You can replace this tactic with searcher task accomplishment, UX optimization, content upgrades, and brand growth. However, this does not mean that links are not important anymore. They are still a powerful ranking factor, but these investment are also equally important, and in fact, much easier.

Outdated tactic 4 – Sub domains or separate domains

When we just want to dominate Google, we are likely to use a bunch of sub domains and add them to our website, or register separate domains in order to control the top 10 of Google. But, this is no more useful because Google has started giving priority to multiple subpages in a single SERP for a single domain.

Replacement – Replace this with barnacle SEO and subfolder hosted content. Here, you don’t have to put your content on a separate subdomain to rank multiple times in the same SERP.

Outdated tactic 5 – Obsessing about keyword placement in certain areas

You want to focus your keywords to be placed in specific areas like the headlines and URL.

Replacement – Replace this with obsessing over related keywords and topics as Google cares a lot about whether the content solves the user query or not. Related keywords and topics are often correlated with big ranking improvements. So, add related keywords into your content in a way that they can prove really descriptive and useful, so that your ranking can shoot up with no other effort.

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