Are You Relying On These Unreliable Vanity Metrics?

  • April 9, 2018
  • SEO


Vanity metrics are those metrics that can be measured, but aren’t actually important because they can be easily changed or manipulated. Their numbers don’t actually matter or directly connect to the success of the business. People are seen to use these metrics because they don’t know that these numbers don’t actually count or don’t tell anything specific about the business growth. In fact, when you rely on these metrics to plan a strategy, it can prove to be dangerous enough to steer your business on the completely wrong path. Here are four most commonly used vanity metrics, which should actually be ignored. So, stay informed and make sure to avoid these metrics in your next digital marketing campaign.

Website traffic

More website traffic means a better website or better marketing, right? Well, it could be, but not always. There could be other reasons that may be making the spike happen. You need to determine what exact factors they are, rather than just guessing. Guessing such a metric can lead you off target. Moreover, what increases your website traffic today may not be the reason for the rise tomorrow. Thus, such vanity metrics can take you towards making the wrong decision. However, increasing a website traffic should not be the main motive; it should be increasing the number of conversions.

Number of leads

Just like website traffic, even lead volume can look great, but not prove to be valuable always. Thus, again, you should be focused on finding customers, and not leads. Focus on the number of qualified leads that are delivering because you need to looks for prospects who actually need your products/services. Innumerous leads with no sign of sales are of no use.

Number of newsletter subscribers

Do you think the number of subscribers can determine how successful your business is? If you think it can, you may be wrong. What you need to see is that whether your subscribers are resulting into leads or revenue. It is that amount that matters. After all, your newsletters are informative and educating; and don’t ask for sales immediately. Your subscribers will overtime turn into leads and conversions, and you have to wait that long. Therefore, instead of focusing on the number of newsletter subscribers, focus on the number of new leads you generate from your newsletters every month. And, to drive more leads, you need to include effective CTAs within your newsletters, and send them more frequently to get more quality leads.

Number of social media followers

Social media followers are those who want to follow you and know more about you. But, these may not always be genuine. There may be others who are bought with a little cash. And, whether genuine or not, every follower will have his or her own perspective and intent. So, even though valuable and helpful, having a large audience means more number of diverse minds and personalities. And, this means that not every follower is a prospective customer; only those who will be entertained and satisfied will convert. So, instead of the number of followers, it would be wise to measure content shares and the conversions generate by social media.

So now, you know the metrics you mustn’t be focusing on. And, to guide you further, you can get in touch with an experienced digital marketing company in Bangalore who can tell you the rights and wrong about your marketing strategy, by letting you know which metrics to focus on, and which to leave behind.

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