How Valuable Are The Links Acquired Through Content Marketing?

  • August 31, 2018
  • SEO


Content that can generate mainstream press attention is twice as effective as was thought about. In fact, it can generate long-term ROI many times higher than was contemplated earlier. Every business must find ways to maximize the promotional success and newsworthiness of the content that they create. But, remember to create a content marketing campaign that can drive long-term results. For this, you may need the assistance of content marketing and SEO services in Bangalore.

Here arises a question – What link value does a successful campaign drive in the long run? How exactly do links accumulate over time? There are two types of links – direct links that come from publishers, and secondary links that link to the story of the publisher about a business. Direct links are the most important, but secondary links also provide significant additional authority.

Both these links can accumulate in a few predictable ways. These could be a large initial spike with a smooth decline, a buildup to a large spike with a smooth decline, or multiple spikes of varying size. Whatever the method, almost 50% of the links will be accumulated within the first 30 days; and the rest 50% will accumulate in the following years. In fact, a small subset of direct links will also generate their own large spikes of secondary links.

A large initial spike with a smooth decline – The most typical pattern seen in most cases is a very large initial spike, with a relatively smooth decline in link acquisition over the first month. However, after the first month, the long-term link acquisition continues for years together.

A buildup to a large spike with a smooth decline – At times, it may take a few days or weeks to see the initial pickup spike, which will then gradually rise to a large spike. Then after a few weeks, there is also a gradual decline.

Multiple spikes of varying size – This is the least common pattern seen. In this case, there are multiple spikes in the first few days and weeks, with their own downstream syndications and individual capability of going viral. These spikes are seen to go up and down for the first year or so, after which they become less frequent.

Other than the above three cases, there is one very rare, yet possible case, where there comes a huge spike after a month or two of introduction. This is the case when networks pick up content even a year after the introduction! From all of these results, what we can conclude is that 50% of links are acquired within the first month, with 50% being acquired later, even a year later. Thus, the number of links acquired during the first month is only half of the story. There is often a multi-year long tail of links that are built organically, without any future promotions. However, cost-per-link will halve if the links built are measured over these longer periods of time. Cost-per-links are important as they are the typical way of measuring ROI of such content marketing campaigns.

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